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Biofouling control technology for membranes

A new approach in biofouling control for membranes in Reverse Osmosis.

Biofouling of membranes in reverse osmosis is one of the most critical factor for maintenance and operation. Many industries are concerned, mainly :

  • Production site for potable and industrial waters
  • Waste water recycling
  • Desalinization plants

in all industrial activities.

Yret Solutions propose a new approach, based on an innovative technology developped by MOL Katalysatortechnic gmbh.

bioYRET is an innovative approach based on a catalytical process : the MOL®LIK. System is installed on the feed-water line of the Reverse Osmosis station. Installation is simple and plugging is easy : simplicity at its best.

bioYRET does not use chemicals for its duty. No by-products generated, no membrane degradation and no agressive product for the membrane. After installation and start-up, MOL®LIK doesn't need anymore handling. Pre-treatment is eased, bio-fouling is then reduced, operating downtimes are reduced and membranes lifecycle is improved.

  • Unique patented solution
  • Conform to VDI6022 and VDI3803
  • Reduce electrical input due to overpressure
  • Restore and maintain permeat flowrate
  • Reduce needs for membrane cleaning
  • Reduce operating costs

bioYRET is a complete solution : system survey, technical evaluation, provide MOL®LIK, start-up service and support.

bioYRET propose a solution that helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

Yret Solutions provides also solutions for detection, classification and counting of algae and other microscopic organisms in your water. Bio-fouling control for treatment station is improved.

bioYRET helps also installation with heat exchangers and filters or resins units that are subject to biofouling.

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